Bennett R. Coles

Author of the “Virtues of War” series and the “Winds of Marque” series.jpg

As a young naval officer, Bennett R. Coles was back aft watching flight operations in the North Pacific. He thought it was really cool, but that it would be even cooler if it was in SPACE! Thus began his efforts to produce truly cool space naval adventures.

The Book Series

Virtues of War Series

A gritty, realistic interpretation of future warfare which examines the ethics behind war. Based on modern fighting tactics, this high-velocity series explores what it really means to be a soldier.

March of War front cover.jpg

Blackwood & Virtue Series

A swashbuckling foray into a far-off star cluster, this series follows the dashing crew of the Imperial frigate Daring as they battle against space pirates, aliens and other dastardly foes.

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